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Make Em Smile

I was at Nathaniel’s Hope “Make ‘Em Smile” event this weekend, teaming up with Ego Booster Club of Orlando Metro Gymnastics, to offer some fun to kids and their families with disabilities.  Nathaniel was a little boy who died from a disability related condition, whose...

Has My Child Been Bullied?

Bullying Can Be Hard to Identify There is recent news about an elementary school child who killed herself.  Bullying is being linked to this tragedy.  The child reportedly tried to tell the teacher, but was encouraged not to tattle.  The mother related on the Today...

Smart Child Bad Grades

Identifying A Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses in School:  Reaching Potential   Warning signs that your child has learning issues can be as obvious as the child sitting up late at night crying while trying to do homework, or as subtle as watching a “disorganized”...

Eat More Crow

The other day I was out of town and hungry, so I went by the famous “eat more chicken” restaurant that has those salads I like.  Getting out of the car was a woman in her 30s dressed as a cow, hauling two young children out of the car, also dressed as cows.  My...

Climb To Safety

People tend to stay in bad situations because the change to possible safety is so unknown and we humans aren’t usually big fans of the unknown.

A Perfect 10

I’m not quite sure why the word “perfect” exists, unless it is to torture human beings.  By definition, “perfect” can never occur.  In gymnastics, competitors are happy with a 9 point something, as they already have learned, as children, that the 10 is not really...