Welcome to my Website!  I am Dr. Mary Wetherby.  I practice Neuropsychology as well as Psychology in Orlando, Florida, and have worked with patients for over 20 years.  I have worked with high profile individuals, served as an expert witness, have written professional papers and journal articles, as well as given presentations to many professional organizations such as the National Academy of Neuropsychology.

However, it has always been my goal to make Neuropsychology and Psychology usable for everyone!  I want to make Neuropsychology a household word, and make it a frequently used resource.  I would like to make this site fun and informative, using everyday language.  In addition to my patients in Orlando, Florida, I would like my website to be a source of information for everyone.  After all, Psychology is first and foremost about us, as people.  It is as exciting and intriguing as it gets.  Who we are is a mystery we live with daily.  Who doesn’t like to people watch?  Who isn’t curious about hearing what someone has to say about us?  We love to watch our children grow and develop.  We wonder if we are handling their behavior appropriately, if the child is developing on target, and what his or her special talents will be.  We all have something that makes us special.