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Live in the Moment and Stop Worrying

Just Pet the Dog is one of the strategies, or tools, I developed to help people worry less. I talk about this more in my upcoming book, Funk to Fabulous in Fourteen Days. It is a way of living in the moment, without thinking of several things at once that we should...

Be Yourself! No Pressure!

In the song and video Downtown, Macklemore describes a woman who isn’t afraid of being herself. Her hair is in the style Mariah Carey wore in 1988 and she is wearing “Mom jeans.” The gist of this part of the song and video is that she is...

Looking For A 2015 New Year Resolution?

Instead of making a “to do” list for the new year, try making a “to be” list. Thinking of qualities that you would like to possess, like kindness or patience, can lead to the behavior change that you would like to see in yourself…

A Holiday List

All too often, Christmas is a race to the finish. Take time and enjoy the moment. Do at least one little thing just for you…

Impulsivity and Spring Break

Growing up in Daytona Beach, I am all too aware that almost every spring break someone does something really impulsive and tragic, like trying to jump off of a balcony into a pool. Impulsivity is when a person does something without thinking the action through.  It...

Christmas and Kids

Keep in mind, your children have not had as many Christmases as you. Make sure you run through the order of the holiday routine with them the night before, the morning of, and throughout the day.  Let them know expectations of how everyone will behave (“Come to Mommy...

School Shootings

I have had questions recently about what to say to children about the recent school shooting. Parents are concerned that some of their children may be actively upset still. Rule of thumb is to answer what kids ask.  You may be assuming what is going on in their...

School Social Survival Kit Checklist

 Returning to school can be nerve racking for parents and kids. It does not matter if your child is in elementary, middle, or high school. We all want our children to do well not only academically, but also socially. Many times kids will not ask for help in this area,...